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Garrison Junior Lahore Cantt

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Admission in APS Garrison Junior

It is a co-education school from Montessori to Class V. New admissions are made in the beginning of the academic session. The admission procedure starts in the month of January . Parents can get the details of admission procedure from the office. In the month of February entrance tests and interviews are held. The entry point for admission in APS Garrison Junior Lahore Cantt is Play Group which is based on interview of the child as well as his / her Parents. For other classes, admission is finalized in the light of the suitability test of English, Urdu and Maths. Level of the test is that of the previous, class for admission in the new session. For the students seeking admission at a later stage, test is based upon the syllabus covered in that class. A preferable 60:40 ratio of admission of Army/Civil personnel is maintained.

Admissions are offered to students from other institutions to fill existing vacancies. These are granted on merit, based on the candidate’s performance in admission test held by the School.

Those finally selected for admission are required to join the respective branches of the LGES. Any candidate desirous of seeking admission in APS Garrison Junior has to obtain the prospectus inclusive of the admission form from APS Garrison Junior Lahore Cantt school office.


Age Group

Class  Play Group     03 + Years        Class II           07 + Years

Class KG                 04 + Years         Class III          08 + Years

Class Prep               05 + Years        Class IV          09 + Years

Class I                     06 + Years         Class V         10 + Years      

Level of Admission (Entry Test)

·       Beginning of new session                        Previous Class Level

·      After three months / onwards                  Syllabus covered in the class applied for

Admission Test

 Admission test details will be given according to class for which admission is required. It will be taken in three subjects (English, Urdu and Maths) till class IV, whereas in Class V, Science is also included.

        ·      Class Play Group     Interview and visual responses   

  (Informal assessment based on reading level vocabulary, concepts of numbers and colours, confidence/ expression in spoken English)

        ·       Class KG                                     Basic information, Shapes,
                                                          Sensory Skills, Colouring

        ·       Class Prep                                   English , Urdu and Maths

        ·       Class I                                         English , Urdu and Math

        ·       Class II                                        English , Urdu and Maths

         ·     Class III                                        English , Urdu and Maths

         ·      Class IV                                      English , Urdu and Maths

         ·       Class V                                       English , Urdu , Maths and Science


·       The Medium of Instruction is English for all the classes.

·      Since APS Garrison Junior is the feeder branch for APS&C for Girls (Azam Garrison) and Garrison Boys’ High School, the course of study is designed to suit the need of the students in secondary education as well i.e the demands of changing times.

Academic Year

      Two terms are allocated in an academic calendar from April to October and November to March.

Scheme of Studies

      The students from Play Group to Class V follow the scheme of studies designed and approved by Army Public Schools and Colleges System(APSACS) Secretariat, uniformly throughout Pakistan.


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